Agricultura Exata

We combine traditions
with innovations

Agricultura EXATA is a significant group of companies operating in the entire spectrum of agricultural activities, including specialised plant production and pharmaceutical production.

Our group successfully leads and connects traditional industries with innovation and expands globally.


One part of Agricultura EXATA companies are expanding entities operating on the global market and are ready to modernise agricultural production in a balanced and sustainable manner, taking into account both the correct and sensitive use of natural resources and profitability. Although this part of the group represents stable conservative investing, it maximises its efforts in order to use its potential and be among the most modern and best ones in the field. 

These companies proof that primary production can be carried out in a modern and professional way, in accordance with new processes and trends which are the driving force of their development. They develop their foundations based on the traditional intuitive abilities of farmers with the help of new age erudite experts, thereby opening a unique multi-generational discussion of agronomists. This results in being different from the competition regarding processes and profitability.


As for their foreign activities, to modernise the primary production, they are planning on adding processing – a pressing plant and a dairy, and they are looking for further synergies with food production.


The growth in this part of group lies in the principle of long-distance runners. They search for investment opportunities and local partnerships to expand their presence in different geographic and cultural environments that can stabilize their business. Agricultura EXATA is ready to start both small and large scale businesses in new locations.


Among above mentioned companies is also part that belongs up to important trading companies that operate on the European agricultural market. They provide comprehensive services for farmers and commodity processors.


The other part of Agricultura EXATA ‘s business activities focuses on developing the capacities of the pharmaceutical industry, mainly in Slovakia. This traditional production, which has been satisfying the most demanding customers around the world for decades, is expanding with new types of products in all forms, which is an inevitable prerequisite for keeping pace with innovations and the evolution in the field.

The company regularly demonstrates production quality and its competence in special international client audits and inspections. It manages the most demanding processes and guarantees to clients’ safety know-how by handling controlled substances.

This company holds comprehensive  chemical and technological knowledge, from biomass extraction to multi-stage synthesis of various scales. Their business also includes backward integration from farms and fields into the drug value chain.